Sheila Sims(non-registered)
Thank you so much Kate...The pictures are beautiful! A friend of mine who is an amatuer photographer was very impressed. You make everyone feel so at ease and we all love your personality and professionalism. Please feel free to contact us if you need anything...We can't thank you enough for sharing this very special occasion with us!

I hope this finds you well and enjoying life. So sorry it has taken
me so long to get back in touch! The pictures are amazing and I love
love love love them!

I am so super thrilled. Thank you so much for doing this. I can't
tell you how much I appreciate your amazing talent.

If it would help you professionally, please feel free to make them viewable
to your customers.

Again you are amazing.

All the best.
Thank you so much - we LOVE LOVE the photos - especially the ones on the beach! our sunburns are silly (you would think we would learn by now), but the black & white/sepia photos turned out great.
We're downloading now and can't wait to put some photos in frames!

Thank you Sooo much for all your hard work - we're so pleased!

Lulu & Jonathan
Karen Shannon (Chris' Mom)(non-registered)
Kate, The pictures are wonderful and I am having such a hard time deciding what ones I want and what ones I NEED!!! Thank you so much. Being quite computer illiterate I am waiting for someone to help me with the ordering process but hopefully won't be too much longer. I can't wait to see my family on the wall of my home.
You are a sweetheart, thank you the pictures are looking very good!! Thank you for the restaurant suggestions, we will check them out.

Talk to you soon.

Dane and Sylvia
Hi Kate,

We are very happy with how the previews turned out. You really should be charging more money!

Hope all is well,

Matt & Jen
Laura & Mike(non-registered)
Thanks for starting to get the pics up Kate! Can't wait to see the rest! Kudos!
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